Colorado Springs Parade of Chicken Homes


Please remember, you are “guests” in the yards you will visit today. Please go out of your way to show respect. Here are a few rules we require of all who attend:

  • Please, do not bring any dogs or pets on the tour.
  • Do not chase, taunt, feed or handle any birds or other pets on the coop owner’s property.
  • Be considerate of our neighbors. Park all vehicles on the street or in designated areas without blocking driveways.
  • Stay in designated areas around the homes and coops.
  • Supervise your children.
  • Restrooms will NOT be available for use at coop locations. Please stop elsewhere between tour stops.

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*Print Guides are available at Phelan Gardens and Buckleys Homestead Store


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IMPORTANT: Check the dates and times of each location before you visit


Kellie & Tracy Dodson
710 E Cucharras St   .  Colorado Springs, CO 80903
*Come on in the black iron gate and walk to the back yard, just past the beehive

Saturday: All Day  /  Sunday: 12 – 4 PM

“Our little back yard homestead is called HOMEGROWN AND HAPPINESS and we are all about teaching others to do what we do. Our coop was a labor of love and designed to not only house our little ladies, but also store all the things needed to take care of them. WE ALSO HAVE DUCKS!”

Clarissa Dominguez
706 N Royer Street  .   Colorado Springs, CO 80903
*Coop is located through the gate to the left of the house.

Sunday: All Day

“I built my coop 5 or so years ago so that I could have more control over where my food came from. My flock has dwindled down over the years to just 3 girls (Giovanni, Bianchi, and Burly). But, they’re still providing more than enough eggs for a family of 2. The girls are so much fun, even the dog loves them! My coop is rather modest, but it does the job.”

Stefanie Herren
129 W. Costilla  .  Colorado Springs, CO 80903
*We will be around the back of the building by the garage.

Saturday: 12 – 4 PM / Sunday: ALL DAY

“Square polydome customized for a coop. Very solid, and mobile too. May be purchased, and customized for you! Talk to us and tell us what you want!”

Suzanne Favier
14 West Cheyenne Road  .  Colorado Springs, CO 80906
*Pull in driveway, there is some extra parking behind the house.

Saturday: All Day

“We have a coop made from a former dog house that we found on Craig’s list for free. We have added a large run and a movable fence so the chickens can forage throughout the property. We also have a large garden and compost area.”

Clifton Hensley
405 N Walnut St.  .  Colorado Springs, CO 80905

*On Street but lots of space in rear alley.

Saturday: 12  – 4 PM

“Urban backyard barn”

Bonnie Simon
615 Skyline Ave  .  Colorado Springs 80905
*Park on the street, come in through the gate on the right side of the house.

Sunday: 9 AM – 1 PM

“My coop, known as “Chicken Shantytown”, is made from the remains of an old barn. It has two levels, with a run at the bottom and a sleeping room and nesting room at the top. The chickens seem to like it as long as I don’t make any major changes … like cleaning it.”

Bobby Barron
502 Yucca Drive  .   Colorado Springs CO 80905

*Entrance to yard will be on Lorraine.

Saturday: All Day / Sunday: All Day  

“We started with 3 pullets and a small A-frame coop, loved them so much we had to expand! Working on making a western town complete with a schoolhouse, church and of course a saloon.”



Robert Rodine
2602 W Pikes Peak Ave  .  Colorado Springs CO 80904
*There is limited parking on the street in front of our home. You may park in our driveway – up to 2 vehicles.

Saturday: All Day / Sunday: 12 – 4 PM

“This Chicken “Condo” was built a year and a half ago and is 11 X 6 feet. It features 3 nesting boxes and is complete with electricity for lighting, heated water, and a heat lamp for cold days. It holds 8 chickens comfortably and will easily hold the addition of our 3 new chicks. We are planning on adding a hot tub in in the near future. We look forward to you visiting our coop and our lovely young ladies.”

Susan Frazee
2228 West Bijou St  .  Colorado Springs, CO 80904

*Parking on Bijou St. – Enter front of house thru metal gate, take a right turn by steps, take path between houses to back gate to enter back yard.

Sunday: All Day  /  Saturday: 12 – 4 PM

“The coop was ordered from Tractor Supply as an easy kit to put together. It will hold 8 chickens. I have 3 Rhode Island Reds, 2 Delaware’s, and 1 Jersey Giant.”

Travers Jordan
528 S. 26th St.  .  Colorado Springs, CO 80904
*Walk up the shared driveway to the gate. Please do not block the driveway.

Saturday: 12 – 4 PM  /  Sunday: 12 – 4 PM

“We built our coop in the spring of 2016, starting with young pullets that June. The coop’s walls are largely constructed of reclaimed fence materials, and is also built directly into our fence, on top of an old trash can caddy. We lost one of our hens to a systemic infection over the winter, but our remaining buckeye (Nugget) and dominique (Lady Cluck) are healthy and friendly. We hope to add to the flock with some chicks in another year or so!

Jessica Barash
2317 W. Bijou St.  .  Colorado Springs CO 80904

*My coop is located in the back of the property by the garage. There will be balloons to mark what house. There is limited parking, so if you’d prefer to park on bijou st. That is fine too. Please use the path to the left by the chimney not to the right beside 2319 W bijou st.

Saturday: All Day  /  Sunday: 9 AM – 1 PM

“I started knowing little about chickens when the first coop was built. Over the 4+ years, I have become more and more in love with my birds and the coop has grown significantly. One main thing that makes it unique is the Covered chicken bridge. I haven’t seen too many personally. I will have pictures to identify each of the birds the day of.”

Sarah Stowell
495 Gold Claim Terrace  .  Colorado Springs, CO 80905

*Please park on the street and follow the grass on the LEFT side of the garage to the coop! It is on the northeast corner of the house.A

Saturday: 9 AM – 1 PM

“Small 7×7′ coop, five happy hens!”


Heather Callaway
505 Corte Hermosa  . Fountain, CO 80817
*We’re the pink house at the end of the cul-de-sac. Access the back yard through the south (left) side of the house.

Saturday: 12 – 4 PM  /  Sunday: 12 – 4 PM

“My husband built our coop last year after we realized our first coop was completely inappropriate. We had 3 goals for our coop: 1.) Insulation 2.) Draft-free ventilation and 3.) Accessibility . . .ok and 4.) I wanted it to be pretty. It is double walled with 1 inch foam insulation in between. The entire top 12 inches of the front wall is open for ventilation and there are 2 closable vents on the back wall to control airflow. It has a large access door near the roosts for cleaning and a double nesting box accessible from the outside.”


Phelan Gardens
4955 Austin Bluffs Pkwy  .  Colorado Springs, CO 80918
*Parking Lot

Saturday: All Day  /  Sunday: All Day

“Our coop has a unique drawbridge design to get the chickens in and out of the coop. The chicken run has a bean tunnel trellis over it so that in the summer, the run will be nicely shaded. The chicken area is adjacent to our employee garden. We have an integrated flock of two old hens and a handful of young ones. Come visit our customer friendly birds!”

Ginger MacLean
5410 Paradox Dr.  .  Colorado Springs 80923

Sunday: 9 AM – 1 PM

“Home of the original “chunnel”-chicken tunnel. I coined the phrase and invented it— I posted it on my blog five years ago, and it went viral. It is a clever solution for urban/suburban yards. The chickens are an integral part of my backyard garden… they eat my garden scraps, and I compost their bedding/manure. The coop is connected to the run area which has a growing box over it, and then it connects to the chunnel which takes the chickens around half the yard. Pictured: the chunnel covered with weeds for the chickens!


Robert Embery
18785 Spring Valley Road  .  Monument, CO 80132
*Park on road or in circular driveway or in front of barn to right of the house

Saturday: 9 AM – 1 PM

“Two coops one within a barn and one adjacent. Three runs included by large free range area. Electrified and hawk safe, we have not lost any birds and are in an area full of predators. Coop includes automatic electric door.”

Joshua Perkins
6542 Sproul Ln.  .  Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Sunday: 9 AM – 1 PM

“Chickens are fluffy, chickens are great. We have Buff Orpingtons and Jersey Giants, a total of eight. We built our coop from recycled pallets, (what rhymes with pallets?) We burned the roof to keep out the wet. It’s our first year with chickens and so far we seem to be set. April, and feathers, arrived, so we put the ladies outside. All seems to be well, having chickens is swell.”